Brian King
Sculpture | Design | Prototyping
About the Artist
Brian King is a Portland-based sculptor and prototype artist. He works with a wide variety of mediums with a specialty in projects that combine both aesthetic and electro-mechanical aspects.

Brian was raised in Carmel, California before pursuing a film degree at California State University, Monterey Bay followed by a Masters of Arts at C.S.U., Hayward’s Multimedia Graduate Program in 2001. During that time in Hayward, he worked as an associate producer at The Learning Company in their creative R&D department, “The Innovation Lab.” As part of a small team, he was responsible for prototyping the design of interactive toys and media content for children’s learning software.

Brian possesses a unique range of artistic and technical skills following a series of varied working experiences including a bronze sculpture foundry, building 3D laser scanners at Cyberware, toy design and prototyping, and custom home building and

management. Unconventional thinking and a playful attitude help him to demonstrate a creative freedom through the wide range of mediums expressed in his projects.

Brian’s interest in making art “livable” has led him to various commissions of private home installations. These include a doorbell concealed as a stone and metal sculpture, illuminated etched glass panels laid into tile floors, sand carved surface details in spa settings, and a pneumatically activated garbage can concealed as a wine barrel in a themed kitchen. As he continues to explore the possibilities of livable art, he is pursuing sculpture and commercial media art projects.